Installation - Mobile app

This page guides you through the simple steps to install the CameraTwin app on your smartphone.

Android App Installation (Firebase)

You can directly download the app via the Download button or more preferably you can install the App Tester application from the Download App Tester button on the bottom to receive notifications for future versions and updates.

iOS App Installation (Testflight)

Make sure that you've installed Testflight in your iOS device.

If your beta application is approved, you should have received a Testflight invitation in your provided email

Click the "View in TestFlight" button. You should be redirected to the TestFlight app to Accept the invitation. Press "Accept" and then you'll be able to install CameraTwin and test on your device

Application Entry Screen

Device Name: Enter a unique name for your device in this field. This name will be displayed in Unreal Engine, allowing you to easily identify and select your specific device, especially in environments with multiple similar devices.

Once you've named your device, tap 'Start' to proceed to the application's main screen.

Next, you should install the Unreal Engine plugin.

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