Trajectory Control

Trajectory Control

In MotionTwin, the Trajectory Control feature allows for precise path creation that characters will follow during motion generation.

  • Prompt: A text prompt describing the motion

  • Walking Styles: Choose from Forward, Backward, Sideways Left, or Sideways Right. The character will move along the defined trajectory in the selected style.

  • Trajectory: Press "+" button to generate a new trajectory. Use the dropdown asset picker to utilize an existing one

  • Bindings: A list of all bindings that contain a Transform Track

You can define the trajectory for you character in 2 ways:

  1. Design your own trajectory: If you want to design a trajectory on the fly, you can press the "+" button next to the "Trajectory" field, which generates and opens a new Level Sequence at the Sequencer with the SMPL Skeletal Mesh spawned at your current Level. That mesh contains a Transform Track in the Level Sequence with 2 keyframes at frames 0 and 195 (a straight line by default). Within the Sequencer, you can insert and edit as many keys as necessary to shape the desired trajectory.

  2. Use existing trajectory: If you already have designed a trajectory in an existing Level Sequence, you can choose it from our asset picker in the Trajectory field. Once you do that, a list will be populated in the "Bindings'' field with all the bindings that contain a Transform Track. You can choose the transform track that has the keys of the desired trajectory.

Please note that the system currently considers frames 0 to 195 in the Sequencer, so ensure your trajectory fits within this range

Our template Level Sequence spawns the SMPL mesh for visual purposes. However, you can use any binding in a Level Sequence that has a Transform Track and contains Location keys. Taking advantage of the powerful tools of the Sequencer will allow you to design a very detailed trajectory.

Avoid editing Rotation keys, as the character's orientation is determined in the output. Additionally, pay close attention when setting the Location keys in time; improper timing can result in unnatural motion due to the calculated speed at which the character moves along the trajectory.

Here's a video showcasing how to use the feature:

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