Tool Options

Motion Load

You can load animations generated by your past jobs by pasting the JSON URL of any animation that you can obtain from the Job History section of the MotionTwin Dashboard.

Common Tool Options


A random number used for generating varied outputs with identical inputs. For instance, two motion generations might differ even with the same text prompt.

Animation Retargeting

Target Mesh

By default and for all tools, MotionTwin uses its own plugin content skeletal mesh that is located in the MotionTwin plugin Content folder. However, you can opt for a different target mesh for retargeting purposes. In that way, once an animation generated by MotionTwin is applied to the default skeletal mesh, you can then retarget it to your chosen skeletal mesh.

NOTE: Selecting a non-default Target Mesh requires to configure a corresponding Target IK Rig prior to utilizing any tool within the plugin.

Target IKRig

When selecting a Target Mesh, a Target IK Rig needs to be set. This Target IK Rig has to be associated with the necessary IK Retargeter assets to facilitate the retargeting process

Configuration for the Motion Generation tools:

  • The target IK Rig has to be associated with an IK Retargeter asset in the following way:

    • Source IK Rig Asset: Set to SMPL IK Rig, found at Plugins/MotionTwin Content/SMPL

    • Target IK Rig Asset: Should be the IK Rig you've selected

Configuration for the Motion Edit tools

  • Here you will choose the target animation asset that is associated with a skeletal mesh. The required IK Rig needs two associated retargeter assets:

    • The first IK Retargeter is as described above.

    • The second should be an IK Retargeter with inverse behavior:

      • Source IK Rig Asset: Your selected IK Rig.

      • Target IK Rig Asset: 'SMPL IK Rig', found at Plugins/MotionTwin Content/SMPL.

If you choose a Skeletal Mesh to retarget, before generating one or more animations, you can do it after by navigating in the Content Browser, then select the output animation asset(s) you want to retarget, right-click and select Retarget Animation Assets > Duplicate and Retarget Animation Assets.

Here's a video showcasing the above using a Metahuman rig:

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