Motion Stitch

Motion Stitch

MotionTwin can take two animations, and blend them into one sequence with the “Motion Stitch” tool. You can select the tool from the Tools menu.

To use it, select animations from your Content Browser and place drag them into the desired Animation field, either Animation #1 or Animation #2.

  • Animation #1: The first animation of the sequence

  • Animation #2: The second animation of the sequence

  • Blending Length: This refers to the parts of the animations that will modified by the model to achieve stitching; it takes the last frames from the first animation and the first frames from the second animation

  • Context Frames: This setting allows you to add extra frames from each animation beyond the blend area, which are not changed but are used as input for the model to "understand" the overall motion better. Context frames help in preserving the natural flow and continuity of the sequences throughout the blending process.

  • Bridge Frames: Can be optionally set above 0 to enable the generation of net-new animation between the stitched animations, bridging the two prior animations.

Here's a video showcasing how to use the feature:

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