Motion Generation

Single action generation

The Motion Generation tool in MotionTwin allows you to generate animations giving one or more text prompts as input.

We usually structure the prompts as follows:

A person <describe action> <describe style>

For example:

A person is walking forward hastily

These prompt examples are a good starting point, but feel free to experiment and let us know which prompts gave you the best results!

You can also describe multiple actions in a single prompt, using the "then" keyword and separating with commas.

Example: "A person is running forward, then stops and sits down"

However, we suggest using the Multi-action feature described below for this use case.

In the "Motion Prompts" section of the window, you can define one or more "Actions". Each "Action" corresponds to a distinct motion that is defined by:

  • Prompt: A text prompt describing the motion

  • Frames: The desired number of frames that the motion should last.

  • Seconds: The number of Frames selected will be automatically converted to seconds and displayed in this field

At the moment, the FPS value of a generated animation is always 30. The upper limit for a single action is 196 frames (6 seconds) at the moment. We are working to remove these limitations in the near future.

The suggested range for the number of frames is between 70 and 180 frames.

Multi action generation

You can define one or more actions (multi-action generation) by adding or removing elements in the “Actions” array. The "Actions" defined will be "stitched together" to produce the final motion result.

You can use the multi-action feature to create animations that last longer than 6 seconds, which is the current limit of single-action generations

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