Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about MotionTwin and how it's used for motion generation and editing

Who Is MotionTwin for?

MotionTwin is targeted to technical artists, storytellers, and studios of all sizes that want to accelerate their human animation workflow directly inside Unreal Engine, and create new animations or edit/clean existing ones via a simple text prompt.

How can I use MotionTwin?

MotionTwin is currently accessible via our UE (Epic’s Unreal Engine) plugin. You need a unique API key in order to get access to our cloud platform. Sign up for Beta to get your key!

Do I need Special UE Content to use MotionTwin?

No, you can leverage the power of MotionTwin out of the box, even on an empty Unreal Engine project. We ship the necessary assets (e.g. skeletal mesh) inside the plugin.

Are there any known limitations on the generated animations?

There are some limitations at the moment. The FPS value of the generated animations is always 30. There is an upper limit on the total duration for single-action generation and when using trajectory controls (196 frames). We're working hard on removing those soon! Check out our docs for more information.

What are the prerequisites in order to generate animations with MotionTwin?

None! To generate animations, simply input a descriptive sentence of the action and AI will handle the rest. If you have a MetaHuman in your project, you can apply the generated animation to that, instead of our stock skeletal mesh. We ship the IK Retargeter for that purpose in our UE plugin.

What are the prerequisites in order to edit an animation with MotionTwin?

You need to have a skeletal animation in your UE project and an appropriate IK Retargeter from the skeleton used internally by MotionTwin to your own. If your character uses a MetaHuman skeleton, we ship a suitable IK Retargeter which you can use.

Can I edit any part of the animation that I want?

Yes, you are free to select any frame range within your animation and describe the action you’d like your character to perform during that part of the animation.

Can I use my own IK Retargeter?

Yes, you can select your own IK Retargeter from the menu of the MotionTwin plugin for both motion generation and motion edit operations.

Is the Unreal Engine Plugin the only way I can use MotionTwin?

At the moment yes. However, our API isn’t tied to any data format that is specific to Unreal Engine. Moreover, we use industry standards for representing the underlying content. We believe in the current workflow trend where content creation happens directly in the Unreal Engine Editor, but let us know about the software you’d like us to integrate with!

How do the cloud credits work?

Each credit unit corresponds to a single animation frame, including input frames when editing motion, so for example, when generating 2 seconds of animation at 30fps, you spend 60 credits. Each user gets 1500 credits, renewed weekly, during our Beta, while we're finalizing our credit and pricing system.

What happens if I run out of credits?

All credit balances are being topped up every week during the Beta phase, and you can go to your VP Cloud Dashboard or contact us to request more credits.

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